Earn More with Crypto Staking

Enjoy Exclusive Rewards And Benefits With Zenit World's Staking Protocol

With Zenit's Staking feature, you can stake your ZEN tokens to earn non-transferable sZEN tokens. Maximize your ZEN holdings!


Unlock the Potential of Crypto Staking

Reap Rewards

Your sZEN balance determines your share of staking rewards and account tier, which, grants you access to exclusive benefits and lower fees.

Lock And Earn

Stake your ZEN tokens for a predetermined period to receive sZEN tokens, with the amount depending on the lockup duration.

Monthly Redistribution

Enjoy monthly rewards accumulated from the Zenit Platform Fee, and the Incentive Program, based on your account tier.

Why Choose Zenit’s Swap Feature?

Lock ZEN Tokens

Stake your ZEN tokens for a chosen lockup period, receiving non-transferable sZEN tokens in return.

Optimal Rates

Benefit from the liquidity of major exchanges for the best possible exchange rates.

Flexible Trading

Execute market and limit orders for precise trading control.

Monthly Rewards Cycle

Accumulate Rewards

Staking rewards are collected on a monthly basis, based on the Zenit Platform fee income and daily distribution rate of ZEN staking incentives.

Calculate Your Share

The sZEN balance will depend on the amount of ZEN tokens locked and the users chosen lockup period. Stakers can lock their tokens for a maximum of 4 years or a minimum of 30 days. Read our whitepaper to understand how the reward calculations work.

Claim Rewards

The tokens will be available immediately after the lock period, but they will not bring any more rewards post-expiry.

Unleash the Power of Staking

By staking your ZEN tokens on Zenit, you open the door to a world of rewards and exclusive benefits. Join us and start maximizing the potential of your ZEN holdings.


What is crypto staking?

Crypto staking is a process in the blockchain ecosystem where traders lock up a certain amount of cryptocurrency as collateral to support network operations. In return, they receive rewards or interest – typically in the form of additional tokens – for their contribution to helping keep up the network’s security. Staking is one of the consensus mechanisms used to secure blockchain networks. It has a lot of benefits including encouraging user participation and offering passive rewards opportunities for crypto holders.

What is the reward system in staking?

Staking rewards are earned by cryptocurrency holders who participate in network validation by locking up their tokens. Rewards typically include a share of newly created coins or tokens, transaction fees, or both, received periodically. These rewards are distributed based on the staker's contribution to network security and the amount of cryptocurrency staked. Some staking systems offer the option to compound rewards, automatically reinvesting them to generate more earnings. However, rewards can vary widely depending on the blockchain network and its specific staking protocol, with potential risks including slashing penalties for malicious behavior or downtime.

To read more about staking crypto with us, read our White Paper!